Satila Blue Double Pom Pom Hat Tindra


Dive into the cool shades of winter with the enchanting Satila Blue Double Pom Pom Hat – Tindra.

This refined blue hat seamlessly blends style and function, adorned with two plush pom poms adding a touch of whimsy.

Expertly crafted, this Tindra edition of Satila Hats promises to be a winter staple, harmoniously combining warmth and elegance, making every outdoor adventure a fashionable affair for your child.


Embrace the charm of winter with the “Satila Blue Double Pom Pom Hat – Tindra”. This exquisite blue hat stands out as a true testament to Satila’s legacy in the realm of premium children’s winter wear.

The highlight of the Tindra edition, its dual pom poms, offers a delightful balance of fun and sophistication, setting it apart in the world of winter accessories. Every stitch and fibre embodies a commitment to quality, resulting in a hat that’s both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

But it’s more than just a visual delight. Engineered for comfort, the hat wraps your child in a snug embrace, ensuring they stay warm and comfortable, even on the coldest days. Be it a snowy escapade or a cosy winter evening, this Satila double pom pom hat is a must-have, elevating your child’s winter ensemble to new heights.

Key features:

  • Vibrant blue hue that stands out and pairs well
  • Two plush pom poms for added charm
  • Warmth and comfort in one stylish package
  • A product of Satila’s renowned craftsmanship
  • Perfect for various winter occasions

With the “Satila Blue Double Pom Pom Hat – Tindra”, let your child experience the confluence of style and warmth that is distinctively stylish.


39 (0-6 Months), 45 (6-12 Months), 49 (1-3 Years), 53 (3Y +)