Large Pink Pom Hat – Satila Tuva


Step into winter with the enchanting Large Pink Pom Hat from Satila’s Tuva range. This plush accessory, bathed in a delightful pink hue, serves as the epitome of warmth paired with elegance.

The Tuva edition, bearing the distinct craftsmanship of Satila Hats, sports a pronounced pom pom, turning heads wherever worn.

Perfect for those frosty outings or cosy evenings, this hat ensures your child radiates both charm and comfort, making every winter day a touch more magical.


Experience winter’s charm like never before with the “Large Pink Pom Hat – Satila Tuva”. Wrapped in a blush pink, this hat beautifully embodies Satila’s commitment to finesse and quality.

The crowning glory of the Tuva edition is its large, plush pom pom. Offering a hint of playful sophistication, it’s the ideal addition to any winter ensemble, appealing to those with an eye for refined winter accessories. Beyond its visual allure, the Tuva hat is a haven of warmth, promising to keep your child snug and content even on the chilliest days.

Key features:

  • Soft blush pink, adding a splash of colour to winter wardrobes.
  • Striking large pom pom, elevating the style quotient.
  • Exemplifying Satila’s unparalleled attention to detail.
  • Ensuring a snug fit for optimal warmth and comfort.
  • Adaptable, making it a top pick for various winter occasions.

Embrace the colder months with elegance, as your child steps out adorned in the “Large Pink Pom Hat – Satila Tuva”.


39 (0-6 Months), 45 (6-12 Months), 49 (1-3 Years), 53 (3 Years+)