Satila Blue Pom Pom Hat Tuva


Introducing the quintessential winter accessory, the Blue Large Pom Pom Hat from the Satila Tuva range. Cloaked in a rich blue shade, this hat seamlessly marries style with snugness.

Boasting the renowned craftsmanship that Satila Hats are famous for, the Tuva edition hat features a plush, large pom pom, becoming a statement piece in any winter wardrobe.

Crafted for both comfort and elegance, it ensures your child remains warm whilst exuding a timeless style, whether it’s for a brisk winter walk or a festive family gathering.


Behold the perfect blend of elegance and warmth: the “Blue Large Pom Pom Hat – Satila Tuva”. Embellished in a sophisticated blue, this hat stands testament to this designer’s dedication to unparalleled design and quality.

At its heart, a plush, large pom pom offers a playful yet classy touch, making this hat an instant favourite for those with a discerning taste in winter accessories. However, the Tuva edition doesn’t just stop at aesthetics. Designed with comfort in mind, it promises to keep your child enveloped in warmth during the colder months, making chilly days an affair to look forward to.

Key features:

  • Rich blue hue, effortlessly blending with varied winter outfits.
  • Pronounced plush pom pom, adding a touch of whimsy.
  • Demonstrating Satila’s impeccable craftsmanship in every stitch.
  • Tailored for a snug fit, maximising warmth and comfort.
  • Versatile, making it suitable for various winter events and outings.

Embrace winter with style and grace, letting your child shine with the “Blue Large Pom Pom Hat – Satila Tuva”.


39 (0-6 Months), 45 (6-12 Months), 49 (1-3 Years), 53 (3Y +)